Spend a night discovering the best of Tangletown shopping in Minneapolis. Who knows what fabulous finds might be waiting for you? Bring your friends and share in the spirit of the season!

The scene is changing with the seasons, but it’s always the right time for stylish, thoughtful gifts when you shop at a Little Bird on Grand. Come in and discover the mix of timeless treasures, including:

  • Exquisite vintage glassware, as close to flawless as the decades allow
  • Subtly scented candles and soaps – the perfect amount of fragrance for sensitive souls
  • Elegant handcrafted jewelry, from new to vintage
  • Tastefully curated collection of hats, scarves, and handbags

There is no room for chipped and dinged, tattered and torn at A Little Bird on Grand – these pieces are gift ready and gorgeous!

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